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Hello There,

I'm Kirsten.

Whenever I have to do this... Or create a title for a business card... Or write a social profile in less than 120 words...  I never have a clue where to start. So, I'll say i'm a "creative girl" who has blissfully found herself the owner of this super cute and energetic shop on the Fayetteville Square, called Riffraff. I started that journey almost 9 years ago. From there I stumbled onto ShopRiffraff.com, more on that HERE. From there I created Charlie Southern and Friday + Saturday which are two t-shirt lines that you can find in many boutiques across the nation. I've been featured in lots of great publications that you can find HERE. I'm a free spirit at heart that thrives on creativity and being surrounded by sincere people and beautiful things. Oh, and I JUST got engaged to a really wonderful person-- Chase Morman! (he's like really really REALLY dreamy) We're planning a wedding for the end of the summer and we're adding this little venture to our list of things we enjoy pouring energy into. So, what is this? 

A curated documentation of our not-perfect but pretty dang happy life. You'll find musings on life, travel logs, music loves, and everything we're currently coveting. You'll find posts on our favorite things about Fayetteville, Arkansas... posts on friends, family and maybe a single image from my phone I took while walking to get my daily cup of coffee. It's whatever we want it to become! You won't find lengthly blog posts on things that no one really cares about (who on earth still has time to read about what someone else did last weekend!?) but, if we think it's something you should go do, eat or see... we'll put it here! This blog will also reflect my Instagram and will be personal, totally transparent and honest - documenting both proud and embarrassing design and life moments/mistakes and giving real life experiences and expectations.


After years creating and growing Riffraff I'm returning to pick back up my first passion: interiors. Curating interiors to be precise. A bohemian and eclectic mix of velvet upholstery, brass details, and colorful accents are my signature. It's where my aesthetic materializes: american classics with a bohemian sensibility. I've always mixed high with low, old with new, and if you know me at all i've always had a passion for reinvention-- to make things my own and different from the crowd. This is my modus operandi and it's evident in the way i decorate (freehand murals, custom upholstery) dress and live my everyday.  It's an eclectic spirit that has evolved over time, and my Wilson Birdhouse marks a high point in that journey. A fayetteville rental built in 1929 with strong bones which are bathed in light and a restoring energy.

My blend of high-brow / low-brow style makes curated relatable to both small-town and city gals alike. With creativity and infectious energy, I hope to express my love for clothing, decor, food, travel, and the weekends is fully expressed at CURATED and through Riffraff and my Charlie Southern and Friday +Saturday collections. 

stick around + come back often!

xx, Kirsten

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