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#RidgewayHideaway update

Posted by Kirsten Blowers on

it's been a crazy fun summer-- we got engaged, we got married, cooked a whole buncha Hello Fresh, we honeymooned, watched all seven seasons of GOT, attempted to uphold a social life, and continued to show up and try really really hard at work every day. chase and I are constantly looking at each other and saying how incredibly lucky we are to have each other, and everyone around us. I have looked back on every day with warm fuzzy feelings and a grateful heart. it's been my favorite summer, ever.

almost two months since we bought a house and we have a lot to update! John and Misti McGowan came to our rescue (referred to us by my friend, Natalie) about two weeks after we bought #RidgewayHideaway. before that we stared at the walls wondering where, or how, to start. my parents (who are master gardeners) have been incredibly helpful and have guided us in cleaning up the garden and preparing for spring flower beds.

John and Misti have helped us plan and execute all the updates we wanted to do on our new home and surpassed our expectations! plus, we love them. it's easy to work with people who are really good humans. they're great humans. they've stayed well in our budget and have worked with our crazy tight time frame as our lease at the #WilsonBirdhouse is up in 2 weeks! (disclaimer: our current house is for lease. no, we do NOT pay anywhere near the same price that is currently listed. 😮)

enough talking-- here's some picture updates from the last eight weeks! more to come!

 exterior before:

exterior progress (july + august):
master before:
master bedroom progress (july + august):
entry and hallway before:
entry + hallway progress:
old formal living room (our dining room) before:
dining room progress:
old dining (our pantry and powder bath) before:
pantry and powder bath progress:
guest bathroom before:
guest bathroom progress:
guest bedroom + home office before:
office progress (we're keeping the paneling b/c I love the nostalgia):
living room before:
living room progress:
kitchen before:
kitchen progress:

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